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Feasible Integrated Training

What is FIT Factor?

FIT Factor is an online personal training service that provides personalized and feasible training programs for the exerciser who knows how to work out, but struggles with what to do. A variety of plan options cater to those of all abilities. The idea to start this company was born out of a simple observation and goal to do better. As the fitness industry began to move online, there was a growing trend of “experts” advertising quick fixes for all things fitness and health. It can be extremely difficult, as a consumer, to figure out what to believe when it comes to fitness, especially in such an unregulated industry. The goal with this company is to provide a trusted resource for those taking to the internet for their health and fitness needs. The hope is that these online training services bridge the gap between those who search for generic programs and those that require the service of an in-person trainer. With FIT Factor, you are able to receive the personalization of a face-to-face service with the convenience of following your own schedule.


Our personal training philosophy.


Why is online personal training a great option?

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What makes FIT Factor unique?

FIT Factor aims to provide a convenient, simple, and evidence-based training service. FIT stands for “Feasible Integrated Training,” and it is the company mission to integrate your schedule, needs, goals, training history, medical history, and so much more into a feasible and individually crafted program. The best program is the one you are most likely to follow!


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a gym membership?

Nope! The benefit of your service is an optimal integration of your exercise program into your current life situation. This includes adapting to the equipment you have access to.


Do I need a G-mail account?

Nope! While it is beneficial, it is not required.


How do I know which plan is best for me?

Please see the detailed descriptions of each plan! This should outline a couple deciding factors. If you still cannot decide, you can always reach me at


I'm sold! How do I get started?

Congrats on your decision! It's a simple process to get going. Check it out here!